How to protect against Ransomware

access denied by ransomware

With the recent Ransomware attack on the National Health System (NHS) in the UK, and, it is thought over 150,000 users and companies worldwide, we take a quick look at the history of Ransomware, and more importantly what steps you should take to protect yourself against such threats. As the name suggests, once a computer… [Read More]

Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows Creators Update

Windows® 10 Creators Update Released. A couple of weeks ago Microsoft® started to release a new major Windows 10 upgrade to home user and small businesses’ PCs. However all has not gone smoothly for Microsoft, and, if possible you will probably want to delay the update, particularly to your business PCs. In fact if you… [Read More]

Announcing New Pc-Check Windows Diagnostic Software

Eurosoft (UK) Ltd Announces New Pc-Check Windows PC Diagnostics BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND: Eurosoft (UK) Ltd, a global leader in PC hardware diagnostics, unattended test management software, and compliant hard drive data erasure tools, is proud to announce its latest release of new Pc-Check® Windows® computer diagnostics. Pc-Check Windows diagnostic software is a PC hardware testing application… [Read More]

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Windows 10 Update

Windows® 10 Anniversary Update Released. Microsoft state there are now over 350 million devices now running Windows 10, and they have just started to roll out the Anniversary Update to newer PCs automatically through Windows Updates. However if automatic updates have been turned off or don’t want to wait, it is possible to perform the… [Read More]

How To Test A Computer – Hard Drive Testing

Pc-Check Hard Drive Testing

How Do I Test My Computer? Hard Drive Testing. Computer professionals see every situation from the mundane to the bizarre. From a recovery technician working on a machine that was in a fire to assess insurance claims, to a retail specialist who needs diagnostics to analyse a consumer machine, each has to ask “how do I test… [Read More]

How Do I Test My Computer?

Computer Memory problems

How Do I Test My Computer? Memory Testing. As a computer professional or an information technologist, there are times when you are approached by family or friends who want to bend your ear and ask you, “How do I test my computer?” You know that they are stumped by some issue within their system that… [Read More]

More testing lives for SSD testing than you may think (hard drives apply too!)

More testing lives for SSD testing than you may think (hard drives apply too!) As hard drives have developed over the years, the capacities have grown and reliability has also increased. Larger cache sizes as well as technologies such as sector remapping, S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology) have emerged along with manufacturers offering lifetime warranties… [Read More]

Cheating on Tests

Eurosoft Test Bulletin: Opinion/Editorial: Cheating on Tests This month we discuss a controversial issue that has been in the news lately; cheating on tests. More specifically, the Volkswagen emission scandal and how this is similar to using freeware or perhaps even borrowed tests to support the computers you are responsible for. Is it possible that… [Read More]

Eurosoft Celebrates 35 Years

Eurosoft Company History

Eurosoft (UK) Ltd is very excited to announce its 35 year anniversary this April!  Not so bad, and too good to be true on most days, Eurosoft saw the start of the PC industry and moved with the times, focusing on industry and customer needs. Developing and deploying (occasionally decoying), it’s been a fantastic journey,… [Read More]