Pc-Check® Upgrade v8.06

Pc-Check® v8.06 in pdf format »

Enhanced processor support for Intel Kaby Lake and Apollo Lake chip sets. Enhancements made to command line switches to help identify and test more
serial ports, particularly for industrial systems..

Eurosoft has helped to find millions of computer failures since 1980. No exaggeration.

Pc-Check continues to provide the greatest test coverage possible, on the widest variety of PC systems, in an OS free, self-booting environment.

Developing intricate computer diagnostic software – because other hardware tests miss them completely – we fulfil challenging testing needs for computer-based environments. Supporting computers built around Microsoft, AMD and Intel technologies, we determine missing, failed and perfect computer components – regardless of brand.

For over 25 years, Pc-Check has been an essential testing tool for service and repair, ensuring that PCs are reliably tested and validated first-time. Pc-Check is a key computer testing tool you won’t want to be without. No other diagnostic has more years of testing behind it.

Pc-Check upgrades are indispensable. Count on a continued flow of reliable test results whether building, installing, supporting or servicing computers. Pc-Check offers greater support for testing multiple devices regardless of operating systems.


Pc-Check® features The benefits to you
Enhanced processor testing Support added for testing the new generation of Intel Kaby Lake and Apollo Lake chip sets keeping your testing methods for the latest hardware up to date.
Enhanced Hard drive testing and reporting More accurate Identification of IDE hard drives as PATA/SATA/AHCI depending on which standard is supported. Also greater
compatibility with SMART drive testing where the hard drive firmware does not follow the designated specification for updating SMART data.
Enhanced Start up behaviour Reduced base memory foot print for booting on a wider variety of systems increasing your test coverage.
Enhanced PCI device identification Updates to the PCI Device and Vendor database makes it possible to identify and test more PCI devices than was previously possible.

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    • Noah says

      If you are inquiring about PC-Check for Windows then the answer is yes. PC-Check (not for Windows version) is a hardware test. You don’t even need an Operating System to use it so, yes again.

    • Eurosoft says

      Yes, Pc-Check is safe to use with a Windows XP machine as it is a self-booting product so it will run independently of the installed operating system.

  1. Larry Schabbing says

    Hi, I just got PC-Check Maintenance Certificate for PO 7803816168 and went thru the steps to build a usb thumb drive for PC-Check. When I went to test it, I got a red screen saying; Activation Error Code / Invalid Activation Data/ please reboot your machine. So, what is the issue and how do I fix this?

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