Pc-Check® Windows® NEW RELEASE

Pc-Check® Windows® v3.0.0.159 in pdf format »

Pc-Check® Windows® Computer Diagnostic Software.

Pc-Check Windows provides an entire new set of tools and applications. Fully compatible with Windows 10 and UEFI hardware, components are reliably validated in the environment in which they are used. Reliable hardware tests you can count on.

Developing intricate computer diagnostic software – because other hardware tests miss them completely – Pc-Check Windows is indispensable. Count on a continued flow of reliable test results whether building, installing, supporting or servicing computers. Pc-Check Windows offers greater support for testing multiple devices under the latest Microsoft operating systems.

Eurosoft has helped to find millions of computer failures since 1980. No exaggeration.

Pc-Check® Windows® features The benefits to you
NEW support added for magnometers Typically found in the latest tablet devices. Identified as compass devices, test for direction and component status.
NEW battery charge level test Identify worn device batteries by testing the ability of a battery to charge and maintain power above the configured level.
NEW auto update feature In program notification of new version releases, simply click on the update button to download the latest version.
Enhanced memory reporting Test results for multiple memory channels individually displayed in reports.
Enhanced Monitor testing for multiple displays Provides more detailed information for multiple attached displays. Including screen width and height in both inches and pixels and screen size in inches.

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