Pc-Check® Upgrade v8.03

Pc-Check® v8.03 in pdf format » New hard drive data rate testing,  memory Small Block Stride testing  and  redesigned component audit module. Enhancements made to reporting, and command line switches to help save you testing time and a smaller memory foot print for booting on a wider variety of systems. Eurosoft has helped to find… [Read More]

Blog: Eurosoft settles UEFI testing confusion

While the UEFI standard continues to grow, what test methods are your computer services using to work with this industry change? Eurosoft can reliably test your UEFI hardware. If you are testing with QA+WIN™ in Windows® 8 or 8.1 and have UEFI enabled on the machine then you are reliably testing UEFI hardware. Although booting… [Read More]