Announcing New Pc-Check Windows Diagnostic Software

Eurosoft (UK) Ltd Announces New Pc-Check Windows PC Diagnostics

BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND: Eurosoft (UK) Ltd, a global leader in PC hardware diagnostics, unattended test management software, and compliant hard drive data erasure tools, is proud to announce its latest release of new Pc-Check® Windows® computer diagnostics.

Pc-Check Windows diagnostic software is a PC hardware testing application used to confirm computer stability and quality assurance. Its collection of individually selectable tests can also be fully scripted by users for custom testing needs on any choice of hardware. There are over 165 test choices available for most devices, including those found in a PC and Mac® (compatible with IBM®/Intel® 8086 architecture).

Running tests within the latest Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE), a variety of devices, including UEFI, can be tested swiftly to ensure they are failure-free within that environment. While testing is in progress, each test event is captured, such as memory and hard drive failures, then logs its results. Test results can be displayed on a screen and output as a .PDF and .XML report for delivery to media, email or databases for review and tracking.

Users of the Pc-Check Windows, those that repair, support and refurbish PCs, can start testing faster with the aid of its class-structured user interface, presenting tests by diagnostic groups, test times, duration, among others plus the ability to choose the area of hardware that may contain problems. Concise results of hardware issues present which device failed or validates that no problem exists.

Mo Elliot, LA Micro UK, commented, “As a dedicated user of Eurosoft’s Pc-Check self-booting diagnostics, we were keen to begin testing with the latest Windows-based diagnostics to validate our huge stock of hardware assets and configurations. It’s given us a two-pronged approach to testing PC hardware whether we are using a Windows operating system or not. So far, only good news with errors found and systems fully validated.”

About Eurosoft (UK) Ltd: Founded in 1980 and globally known for its flagship diagnostic software Pc-Check® Self-boot, Eurosoft (UK) Ltd supplies a range of PC testing and hard drive erasure programs, and test management solutions to enable efficient, failure-proof manufacturing, repair and refurbishing of a wide variety of PCs regardless of brand. Eurosoft is a member of the Reverse Logistics Association ( as a committee member of the sQRl code standard initiative, supports the Unified EFI Forum (UEFI), and is an active Microsoft® Partner – Independent Software Vendor. Eurosoft has development and support locations in the US, Brazil and India with its headquarters in the United Kingdom.

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About LA Micro Group (UK) Ltd: Established in 2004, are one of Europe’s largest providers of IT hardware supplies, support, lifecycle services and telecoms, specialising in configure-to-order servers, storage and professional workstations, as well as stockholding authorised Dell systems and parts.

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