Q: Which product license is the best for me?
Q: Will I still get updates if I do not register Eurosoft product?
Q: How often do you send out updates?
Q: Is my license period perpetual?
Q: Do you offer discounts for volume or multiple licenses?
Q: Are there special discounts for education and charities?
Q. If I purchase my Eurosoft product from the webshop, will I get my software immediately?
Q. How do you keep my order information secure?
Q. How will you deliver my product order?


Q. What operating system (OS) environments do your products support?
Q: Is there a standalone version of your software that runs in a DOS environment?
Q: Do your products include any dependencies that must be implemented to run the program from a boot CD (example: a USB dongle, internet connection, etc.)?
Q. Is there scripting support available for your product?
Q: Does your software support remote reporting? (example: uploading results of completed diagnostic tests onto a local or remote computer)?
Q: Which versions of your software do you offer technical support for?
Q: How long do you offer technical support after we purchase your product?
Q: How do I get an activation code for Pc-Check, QA+Win and ZeroData?
Q: Where do I enter the activation code?
Q. What happens if I lose my activation code?