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Ready for a change? E U R O S O F T   D I A G N O S T I C  S O F T W A R E is making industry, and customers switch to us too!

Since 1980, Eurosoft (UK) Ltd opened the door to computer testing software (then others followed and more licensed our diagnostics…). We are the longest running, PC diagnostic software company in the world. No other diagnostic software has intellectual property (IP) that spans more than three decades – an entire generation.

Proudly, we serve public and private organisations, small and large, that demand highly reliable computers – systems that require the very best hardware testing tools – companies that expect results.

With hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, our customers count on the accuracy and depth of our independent tests. Eurosoft’s diagnostic products, Pc-Check and QA+Win Diagnostic Software, PC Builder Test Management Suite, and ZeroData data wiping – are all internationally trusted brands.

Eurosoft span the globe with a network of employees, representatives and partners alike. Entrepreneurial in action, spirit and cross-cultural ideals, Eurosoft are an alliance of professionals dedicated to its customers – and business success.

“We don’t stop until the work is done” – may sound challenging to some, but it’s the key driver to staying in business for over 30 years. If you have decided you are ready for a change, contact us.

Software Developer or Sales Stars » send us your CV or resume » we always consider new members to join our aspiring team!

Bournemouth is in Dorset England. Sioux City is all about Iowa in the USA. Where do you live?
Visit the Eurosoft website, give us call, send us a confidential email. Your aspirations are important to us.

Sales – that’s where the money is!

It takes talent to sell. Sure, “self-starters” is always first on the list, but your ability to ignite, contain and close the sales process is fundamental to meet quotas. The great news is that your sales efforts are for the long-haul – Eurosoft customers remain with us for an average of 5 years!

If you are keen to develop long term relationships, and you are confident working with a wide range of businesses, directors, owners and users alike, Eurosoft’s diagnostic software sales is a great choice for you. In our computing and IT world, a good knowledge of computer hardware – old and new – is wanted.

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All applications, curriculum vitae’s and resumes will be held securely and in strict confidence.

Software Developers – your efforts make computer reliability happen!

What is diagnostic software if it isn’t developed by “top-notch” software developers? No doubt you have a list of credentials, academic acumen and some great work experience to meet the demands our customers expect. You will get a chance to prove that – if you do indeed have the core capabilities that our diagnostic software and services require.

Software development at Eurosoft is a great choice for you. In our advancing computing world, a good knowledge of PC architecture and WIN32/64 MFC is highly desirable. Bringing development abilities for Android and Linux is even better!

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All applications, curriculum vitae’s and resumes will be held securely and in strict confidence.

All applicants must send their employment requests to the Eurosoft (UK) Ltd headquarters. If you feel you are suitable for more than one role, please note that in your cover letter. You only need to apply once. References will be expected and a telephone interview is mandatory.
Please note that Eurosoft (UK) Ltd or its subsidiaries do not accept any recruiting services applications on behalf of applicants.
Applications are held in strict confidence. Should the need arise, Eurosoft (UK) Ltd will exchange legal Mutual Non-disclosure Agreements.
International employment candidates are welcome to apply, however, at this time we are not able to sponsor residency applications.
No terminology in the employment advertising from Eurosoft (UK) Ltd, its subsidiaries or authorised recruitment locations, is intended to discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, race, colour, religion, disability or sexual orientation; we accept applications from all sections of the community.
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