About Eurosoft

Company Background

Eurosoft stridently believes that every business and public service has the right to reliable computers. Confident that the underlying computer hardware is stable, so software performs correctly. Not a lot to ask. So, this year, whether you are building, installing, supporting or servicing computers, what better way to keep those computer problems error free than with Eurosoft’s first-class, stress-free, PC hardware diagnostics tools.

Circa 1980, Eurosoft (UK) Ltd opened its doors as Systems Constructors Ltd then changed its name to Eurosoft (UK) Ltd for the then, fast growing market in, you guessed it, Europe. Our American ties remained strong so the Eurosoft US Inc. subsidiary opened in 2001. Our background stems from the CPM days, moving to PC test suites for BIOS compatibility, and proprietary BIOS development.

We are the longest running, PC diagnostic software company in the world (…others followed and more licensed our diagnostics). No other diagnostic software has intellectual property (IP) that spans more than three decades – an entire generation.

Proudly, we serve public and private organisations that demand highly reliable computers – systems that require the very best hardware testing tools – companies that expect results.

With hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, our customers count on the accuracy and depth of our independent tests. Eurosoft’s diagnostic products, Pc-Check and Pc-Check Windows (QA+Win) Diagnostic Software, PC Builder Test Management Suite, and ZeroData data wiping – are all internationally trusted brands.

Eurosoft span the globe with a network of employees, representatives and partners alike. Entrepreneurial in action, spirit and cross-cultural ideals, Eurosoft are an alliance of professionals dedicated to its customers – and business success.

Let us assist you with a new year of testing transformation! Keep your computers up and running, reducing customer support calls and service costs.

Nobody checks out computers better than Eurosoft!

Eurosoft Specialties

Computer hardware diagnostics, troubleshooting tools, software tests, test processes and methodologies, service and repair tests, computer production test management solutions, computer repair and refurbishing tests, hard drive data erasure, Intel compatible 32/64 Bit tests, UEFI and self-boot technologies, and automated testing, Microsoft Windows hardware tests, Microsoft DPK license administration, Microsoft SQL-based test system.

Eurosoft Benefit Summary

  • Improve PC reliability, keeping PCs running and remaining in the field
  • Minimise design, assembly, upgrade and recycling test workloads
  • Diminish costly returns and RMAs
  • Reduce support and repair workloads
  • Decrease technical support telephone calls
  • Save hundreds of man-hours in fault testing
  • Allow end-users to test and review their own PCs
  • Allow PC errors and failures to be diagnosed in the field
  • Enhance service resolution with reliable test answers
  • Ensure that technicians are able to identify hardware faults quickly
  • Improve customer satisfaction and confidence
  • Maximise profitability: reduced costs, increased customer purchases

Location: UK/Europe

  • Company Type: Privately Held
  • Headquarters: 3 St Stephens RoadBournemouth, Dorset BH2 6JL United Kingdom
  • Company Size: 11-50 employees
  • Founded: 1980, the longest running diagnostic software company in the world
  • Website: http://www.eurosoft-uk.com
  • Industry: Computer Software Development > Computer hardware testing
  • Business Codes: Company registration number 1488751, VAT number GB 368 6246 18, NAICS 541519, Dunn & Bradstreet (DUNS) 289236267

Location: USA

  • UK Subsidiary: 706 Jackson St, Sioux City, IA 51105, United States of America
  • Website: http://www.eurosoft-us.com
  • Business Codes: CAGE 6NXK6, NAICS 541519, Dunn & Bradstreet (DUNS) 021394872, USA Government Access