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Pc Builder Manufacturing

PC Builder™ For Computer Manufacturing

Managing a PC Manufacturing process is a serious challenge. Getting it right requires a series of precise steps.

Manufacturers need process steps and scalability to ensure they build excellence and branding into the PCs they shipped. From assembly verification and pre-testing, BIOS flashing and image deployment, to final inspection, computers need to be tested. Without testing, computers get shipped and installed, problems appear and no one knows what the cause is – or might be. Knowing the condition of the hardware, and its quality, is paramount for any new system or device. Anything less, loses customer confidence on delivery. Testing ensures you don’t end up getting returns, sending out for unnecessary warranty, repair or on to refurbishing.

PC Builder gives you a complete recording of originally manufactured parts and models, fully tested, ready for delivery. With a few clicks of PC Builder’s tools and applications, your manufacturing processes are automatically deployed, recording everything you test. PC Builder provides a comprehensive, integrated framework of diagnostic applications, image deployment, even hard drive erasure servicing. It’s all built around its dedicated database, achieving automated production processes with clear report structure, giving you reliable test verification. PC Builder is not new, but its benefits may be to you. Since 2001, one or more of the PC Builder Test Suite has assisted commercial PCs worldwide.

PC Builder automatically executes diagnostics, erases hard drive data, flashes BIOS, deploys images, and manages Microsoft DPKs. Test, track and trace production and distribution. All supported by Microsoft tools and services, your manufacturing is well underway.

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Manufacturing ChallengesWhy Choose PC BuilderSystem Requirements

Successful computer manufacturers share a common goal: to deliver the latest PCs to their customers – branded or not. Managing a PC manufacturing process is a serious challenge. Getting it right requires a series of precise steps. Your customers demand results. They expect you to find, repair, replace, and keep faulty hardware from falling into their hands.

With ever more regulation, and industry standard changes, Computer Manufacturers face significant challenges every day, all while trying to maintain a competitive advantage. Supplying quality products is a key differentiator.

Key Features

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Computer Manufacturers need to:

  • Quickly identify valid components, determine failures fast, before image deployment, maintaining a full inventory of quality parts and systems.
  • Have flexibility to manage variable through-put of computers.
  • Achieve consistent repeatable testing, without having to manage numerous OEM/Manufacturer specific diagnostic packages.
  • Complying with strict data erasure requirements.
  • Reduce human error that can lead to misconfigured systems or identify them before they are shipped to the customer.
  • Ensure image deployment and BIOS flashing aligns with the PC configuration.
  • Accurately record and report Microsoft DPKs.

Unlike ERP and shop floor control systems, PC Builder™ is an automated process management framework for controlling all of your computer manufacturing processes. Including computer hardware testing, image and application deployment, and results tracking.

Eurosoft provide proprietary testing solutions for Intel-compatible or PC hardware platforms – including the latest UEFI. Software environments that typically use Microsoft Windows are catered for, WinPE conveniently utilized too.. Imaging, created and deployed with the advantage of Microsoft tools. Uniquely, we also combine direct, auto-booting tests, unattended testing and data erasure tools, going direct to hardware to get around operating systems such as Linux.

We offer you a superior approach to independently test a variety of computer devices which is difficult for OEM vendor supplied or generic test utilities to replicate.

PC Builder will:

  • Improve processes with full factory automation. From processing BTO, CTO, and asset configuration right through to final inspection, PC Builder efficiently controls your manufacturing processes, saving process time.
  • Provide industry leading hardware testing, not only stressing in the operating systems, but each part is tested independently so you find out fast which parts may not make it to a manufactured system in advance of imaging or final checks. Pre-defined test scripts ensure consistent repeatable testing.
  • Record and report every testing process step made. Full hardware reports and configuration reports enable you to easily adjust testing times/durations, meet support staff needs, and prove configuration passes.
  • Take control of imaging, storing and deploying images by customer, trade or retail. BIOS flashing aligns with configurations too as do Microsoft DPK’s.
  • Includes unlimited technical support. No expensive support add on packages.
  • Pay-Per-Use pricing structures offer scalability, managing variations in testing requirements. Only pay for what you use.

Server Requirements

  • Minimum 4GB Memory
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • Operating System Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and above
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or above

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